One of the reasons Dinatouch’s POS System is so widely chosen by the customers are the many advantages it offers, This system can provide several sales model, such as Table Service, Quick Service and Delivery Service

Table service is a form of service in restaurants, pubs, and bars where food or drinks are served to the customer's table. Features are as follows:

Quick Service is a tool which save your time and improve your bottom line. This system was designed for the industry from within the industry allowing our varied users to increase customer counts, reduce labor costs and better control cash accountability.

The functionality needed for a delivery system is also an integrated part of both our Table Service and Quick Service products for those clients that have environments needing delivery as part of their overall solution.

Other Features
Server or cashier banking or a combination of both. Cash system support several kinds of payment can meet the needs of different customers
Automatic menu changing based on time of day, day of week, and/or by terminal station.
Optional peripherals include:
Receipt printers.
Coin change dispensers.
Order confirmation boards for drive thru
Security camera systems