The initial project for a new restaurant automation software application was created by Hank Tan, a graduate student in California State University, Sacramento, in 1991.

A restaurant (Fortune Chinese @Meridian St.) owner in San Jose, purchased few 386 PCs with monochrome displays, and coax Ethernet boards to run this new dBaseIII and Clipper powered point of sale system...

1994, A Touch Screen and 16-color interface design was releases, and establish DINATOUCH.

1996, Koi Palace @Gellert, Daly City set a milestone of processed the first $10,000 record in one day transactions using 7 Pentium PCs, followed by Crustacean, Beverly Hills crunched more than $20,000 daily using Dinatouch POS in 1998...

2007, after all major POS developers had jumped to Windows for many years, and high speed Internet became more popular, Dinatouch released three layered cross platform design as:

1) Database Layer using MySql, now Oracle owned a database engine.
2) Server Layer, to bridge client application for accessing database.
3) Client Layer, which can be any of Windows client, Linux client, or Apple/Android App

Each layer talks using TCPIP, the Internet Protocol, the foundation of Internet.

If we jumped into Windows so early as other POS developer did, we would not have used the above 3 layered structure, because it is impossible for 256MB ram to run.

To move from DOS to Windows, you have to throw out all old works and start over the first line of programming again. The same, if a Windows program was developed without a 3-layer structure for convenience at that moment, just wanting to grab the market at that time.

We had suffered slow growth over for late Windows adaption, but redesigned completely in a later year allowed us to embrace the newest technologies and speared ahead as the best choice for off-line and on-line, local privately hosted server based or Cloud based full blown POS.